Fran and Leona - Part 2 - interview

0:00:50 Fran
We really appreciated what they did. The older girls, Becky and Joyce, our older sisters, they got in it, and they danced. They were wonderful dancers, and they could do all kinds of waltz[es] and square dancing. So, we all kind of got into it because we liked to square dance.
We even had Ariel's brother play the spoons one day.
0:01:25 Fran
I don't know who taught him, but he had [a] good sense of music. He was slow and quiet, and you would never ha[ve] thought, but he got those spoons out and got going.
That's the way Uncle Grant was. I mean, he was [a] very quiet, unassuming person.
0:01:48 Fran
He entertained us when he would sing those crazy songs. We thought where's this coming from?
0:01:58 woman
Songs that he wrote?
0:02:00 Fran
The one that he always sung for Aunt Edna was "I Picked a Lemon in the Garden of Love where You Said Only Peaches Grow." Oh, we kids thought that was so funny.
0:02:21 Fran
My little grandson was, I think, first grade, and Ms. Bolton was the music teacher there. At the Christmas show they sang Grant's song. He didn't realize that we were related to him, and he came home [and said], "Grandma we're singing a song by Grant Rogers." He said, "Did you know Grant Rogers?" I said, "Well, I did. He was my uncle." He says, "No; what would that make him to me?" He got really, really interested in it. He sang "Betsy the Heifer."
He really thought that was great.
I think [my son] knows all about the square dancing and all of that because we used to talk about all of that. When my mother was living she would come to my house, and she played the piano. Our four would be around her standing there, and she'd play all these chords and "The Trip to Niagara." She'd just be going over those keys and they were awestruck. That kind of got them interested in music. They really liked it. Scott was young. He was the youngest, but Terry, she'd sit right next to her on the piano stool. Of course my mother would go from one side the other. She played a lot of really crazy fast tunes, and that's what they liked. So, we do have a lot of really good memories.
I remember Grant playing square dances when we first moved here. We heard him a number of times.