This web site will alert the public to some of the regional and local events related in at least a broad sense to the legacy of Grant Rogers and the traditional musical culture he exemplified. In this way, we will call attention to an evolving, living tradition, which continues to enrich our community today.

upcoming events

Catskill Folk Lyceum: "Old Time Music & Dance in Rural New York"


On-line Talk by Jim Kimball at 7:00 p.m.

Join Catskills Folk Connection's in-depth talk by Jim Kimball of Geneseo College. Kimball has an intimate knowledge of traditional music and dance from the area of Geneseo to the Catskills.

The talk is free and the link is
The meeting ID is 414 085 1861, in case you need it. The link is also on Catskills Folk Connection's blog and on our Facebook page.

past events

Ridin' the Rails


Free Concert of Railroad Songs, Walton Theatre

Ridin' the Rails, a trio of musicians from Tennessee, presented a fun, nostalgic, musical look at the American Railroad through song and story. Planned for the lawn of the William B. Ogden Library, rain necessitated that the event be moved to the Walton Theatre, where the concert took place. Also of interest to attendees were a number of exhibits from several local historical associations including the Walton Historical Socity, Delaware County Historical Association, O & W Railroad Historical Society, Maywood Historical Group, and Franklin Railroad and History Museum. In addition, there was a train-related art activity for children offered by the William B. Ogden Library.


Canal Street String Band: “Grant Rogers Delaware County’s Homespun Music”


Free Virtual Concert Saturday, June 5, 7:00-8:00 p.m.

The free concert emphasized the music of Grant Rogers and Delaware County contemporary traditional musicians.  The Canal Street String band also performed two newly discovered tunes from Grant's mother, Ethel, as well as other pieces from the broader American folk tradition.

Online concert (part 1 of 4)


Online concert (part 2 of 4)

Online concert (part 3 of 4)


Online concert (part 4 of 4)




Jay Ungar and Molly Mason


Catskill Themed Virtual Concert on Saturday, 3/13/21 7:30 p.m.

Music on the Delaware offered a free Catskill Mountain themed virtual concert on March 13, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. with Jay Ungar & Molly Mason.  Among various Catskill related tunes and songs, the duo also played music associated with Grant Rogers, includeing his "Cannonsville Dam" and "Rogers' Hornpipe."

Catksills Folk Lyceum


Kathy Shimberg:  Traditional Music and Dance in the Catskills and Otsego County 

2:00 p.m., via Zoom.

Folklorist and musician Kathy Shimberg shared her decades of experience with traditional music in Delaware and Otsego counties, in particular, playing keyboard for square and contradances and interviewing various dance callers in these two counties.


Music on the Delaware Virtual Coffeehouse Concert: Rakish


Celtic Duo Rakish in a Virtual Coffeehouse Concert Sunday, September 20, 7:00-8:00 p.m.

Fiddler Maura Shawn Scanlin and guitarist Conor Hearn perfromed an integrated mix of Celtic, original, and traditional American tunes.  The free concert was available through Zoom.  The recorded video can be found on the Music on the Delaware Facebook page under videos.

Virtual House Party 10: John O'Connor


Singer/Songwriter John O'Connor Performs Originals

John O'Connor's mini-concert via the Zoom Room featured original songs of life, work, and travel.  John has been writing and performing folks songs from a young age. His music often focuses on the travails of the working class, inspring folks with his music and their music.  His orignals songs have gained wide popularity both with audiences and with singers from around the world.



Virtual House Party 9: Ira McIntosh


Ira McIntosh Presents "Catskill Mountain Tales & Tunes"

Life-long Delaware County resident Ira McIntosh explored the rich culture of our region through traditional stories and songs. This was an evening that celebrated some of the original songs of the Catskills, including a song written by Grant Rogers, "Slide Mountain" and Pete Seeger favorite, "Puttin' on the Style."  



Virtual House Party 7: Bill Seneschal


Bill Seneschal Sings and Plays Folk and Country Music

Bill has called Walton home for many years, which has allowed him to expand his expertise from that of a solo folk singer to a member of many music groups playing many genres of music.

With voice, banjo and guitar, Bill's mini-concert presented a blend of country, bluegrass, folk, blues, rock n' roll, and some familiar pop songs.  


Virtual House Party 6: Linda Hickman


Linda Hickman Presents Traditional Irish Dance Tunes on Flute

Linda is well known in the tri-state area as a player for Irish sessions and ceilis and teacher of penny whistle and flute.  In this mini-concert, she focused on some of the traditional tunes she learned from Irish flute masters Jack Coen, Fr. Charlie Coen, and Mike Rafferty.  She also included a contemporary reel, written by a music friend during the coronavirus quarantine and an air she had composed a number of years ago in memory of a friend who had passed away.



Virtual House Party 5: Larry Jamieson


Larry Jamieson plays and sings popular country and folk music

Waltonian Larry Jamieson is well known as a leader of the dance band, County Express, as past owner and operator of the Music House, and as choir member of his church.  He follows in his father, Art's, footsteps, as dance band player and owner of the Music House. 

in this half-hour mini-concert, Larry entertained viewers with a range of folk and pop songs.


Virtual House Party 4: Pat Reynolds


Pat Reynolds Plays Irish Dance Tunes on Solo Fiddle

Pat's jigs, reels, hornpipes, and slip jigs presented lively dance music for listening and for at-home step dancing!  The half hour mini-concert was available through Zoom and attracted a range of viewers from far and near.




Virtual House Party 3: Randy Miritello


Singer/songwriter Randy Miritello performing on Music on the Delaware Live-Streaming Event 7:00-7:30

Randy sang a mixed bag of Country, folk, bluegrass, rockabilly, and blues in this solo live-streamed mini-concert.  A nuimber of songs were originals.  The event was available on the internet through zoom.


Introduction to PBS "Country Music: A Film by Ken Burns"


Film Screening at William B. Ogden Library, Walton, NY, 6:00 p.m.


A 35 minute introductory film to the PBS Series on Country Music by Ken Burns was shown, followed by discussion and live music provided by area country musicians, Don Gilkinson and Randy Hulse.  The film provided an overview of the six segment TV series: artists talking about what is country music and stories and samples of some of the well known country musicians.  The discussion was lively and entertaining.

Saving the Legacy of Grant Rogers, Song-Maker of Catskills


Presentation at Delaware County Historic Association, Delhi, NY, 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Through narration, music and the Grant Rogers website, the Grant Rogers Committee told the story of traditional music and dance of the Western Catskills as exemplified in the life of Grant Rogers and explained why it is important to save this legacy for future generations.  A social event followed with questions, refreshments and an open jam session.  The program ended with an impromptu square dance.  It was true celebration of community!

Presenters were Project Committee members Jim Haggerty, Robbie Jean Rice, Jim Richardson and Jean Withrow.  Musicians were Kathy Shimberg, Ira McIntosh, and Dane Scudder.


John O Connor


Coffeehouse at the Walton Theatre, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

John returned to the Coffeehouse with his songs, stories, and poems about his life and travels, his work in the labor and peace movements, all with skill and humor.  For the second half of his performance, he was joined by guest musicians Robin Seletsky on clarinet and Tom Ives on bass.  



Jim Kimball Lecture on NYS Fiddlers and Dance


Presentation at the William B. Ogden Library, 37 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, 6:30 p.m.

James (Jim) Kimball, Lecturer of Music and Conductor of String Band at SUNY Geneseo, gave a presentation on the history of New York State fiddlers and dance music with a special focus on this region, the Western Catskills, and a reflection on the rural way of life supporting that tradition.  In addition to directing instrumental groups at Geneseo, Kimball teaches courses on ethnomusicology, world music, and popular music in America.


Kathy Shimberg and Erik House


Coffeehouse at the Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, 13856, 6:00 p.m

Longtime local musicians performed joyful old-time traditional U.S. and Canadian dance tunes and songs on fiddle, banjo, piano, and lap (Appalachian) dulcimer.  The evening had the flavor of a Grant Rogers era house party.




Coffeehouse at the Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, 13856, 6:00 p.m.

The O'Shanigans played a mix of Celtic, American, and world fiddle tunes: reels, jigs, and waltzes from as near as New England and as far away as Scotland and Finland.  Members of the trio were Jon Avery (fiddle), Mike Ludgate (mandolin and foot percussion), and Phil Robinson (guitar).

The Revelers


Concert at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, 13856, 7:30 p.m.

Six young Louisiana musicians mixed Cajun, zydeco, Swamp Pop, and Americana in original and traditional music.  Brand new, infectious sounds, modern honky-tonk at its best.




Coffeehouse at the Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, 13856, 6:00 p.m.

Greatly influenced by their Irish roots, Thompson brothers Dennis (guitar and vocals) and Jim (percussion) presented  their own take on Irish, folk, and American roots music.


The Whispering Tree


Coffeehouse at the Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, 13856, 6:00 pm.

Singer/songwriter Eleanor Kleiner and guitarist Elie Brangbour performed their original songs and arrangements of familiar folk songs.  They call their music a combination of folk and rock, with snatches of jazz and bluegrass.


Cherish the Ladies Christmas Show


Concert at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, 7:30 p.m.

A surprise additon to Music on the Delaware's 2018-19 concert series, the Celtic band Cherish the Ladies brought Irish holiday music, dance, and poetry to the Walton Theatre stage.  It was an awesome performance with an almost full house.


Grant Rogers: An Online Archive


Catskills Folk Connection Lyceum Presentation at Ashokan Center, 477 Beaverkill Rd., Olivebridge Rd, NY 12461 at 2:00 p.m.  

Speakers: Grant Rogers Committee members from William B. Ogden Free Library and Music on the Delaware, Walton

Musicians:  Jay Ungar, Molly Mason, Ira McIntosh

Grant Rogers Project Committee members, Jim Haggerty, Robbie Jean Rice, Jim Richardson and Jean Withrow, presented a brief history of the Grant Rogers Project with highlights from the website  They were assisted by musicians Jay Ungar, Molly Mason, and Ira McIntosh.  The event was sponsored by Catskills Folk Connection, with Ginny Scheer at the helm.   



A Walton Christmas


Singalong Concert at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY  7:30 p.m.

A community singalong-concert with a variety of musicians providing musical accompaniment.  Admission:  An item for the Food Bank or Toy Bank.  Musicians included Jodie, Nate and Larry Jamieson; Bill Seneschal and Don Gilkinson; the Townsend School Select Chorus with Theresa Bolton as Director; and the Walton Community Band with Ray Bartlett, Director.  


Claire Boucher and Brad Hurley


Coffeehouse at the Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, 6:00 p.m.

Claire Boucher, who grew up in southwestern Brittany, the Celtic region of France, sang traditional songs in French and Breton, accompanied on flute and guitar by Brad Hurley.  At several points, Claire invited audience members to join her in trying out traditional Breton dances.  Claire and Brad call Montreal their home.


Kimberly Hawkey and Elvanelle Orchestra: Song of the Catskills


Concert at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, 7:30 p.m.

Elvanelle Music presented the dubut of the Elvanelle Orchestra, a 9-piece show band in the Broadway, Vaudville, and Jazz traditions.  The band revived Catskill legends through folk music, jazz, comedy, rock and American song, including a song by local musician, Grant Rogers.  Music of the Catskill Grand Hotels was a particular highlight.


Hop City Trio


Coffeehouse at the Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, 6:00 p.m.

Randy Miritello led Hop City Trio (a subset of Hop City Hellcats) in his original songs, stories of heartbreak, love, and murder: raw energy that made people move in their seats.  His companion musicians showed extraordinary musicianship on upright bass and guitar. 


North Sea Gas


Concert at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, 7:30 p.m.

Three talented Scottish musicians performed an exciting blend of Scottish and Irish folk music on a variety of instruments, with fine vocals, and with a keen sense of humor.  Two workshops were offered during the day at the William B. Ogden Library, one at 11:00 a.m. for children and the other at 1:00 p.m. for adults.  On Friday, the band performed for Walton Central School elementary school students and middle/high school music students.


Discussion 1 of "Improbable Community"


Book Discussion at William B. Ogden Library, 37 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, 6:30 p.m.

This discussion of Bill Horne's book about Camp Woodland focused on “The World is a Neighborhood- Building Community."  Attendees discussed the ways in which Norman Studer and Camp Woodland staff fostered a unique community for city campers and members of the nearby community.  Campers benefited from the artistry and talents of their mountain neighbors, and various local musicians, storytellers, and artists found acceptance and appreciation of their arts, crafts, and life experiences.  At Studer's encouragement, campers came to appreciate the dignity of each person no matter his/her race and culture.  The camp fostered acceptance and cooperation.  

Campers' lives were changed as a result of their experiences at this camp:  "They came away with a need to practice equality, celebrate diversity and work tirelessly for the possibility of a democratic sociaty like the one they had lived as part of Camp Woodland." (p. 278)



Tea with Author Bill Horne


Author discussion of The Improbable Community: Camp Woodland and the American Democratic Ideal @ William B. Ogden Free Library, 42 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, at 10:30 a.m.

Camp Woodland (located near Phoenicia, NY) is remembered as a place where campers and neighbors celebrated music, history and folklore. Pete Seeger supported the program, and many local musicians performed there, including Grant Rogers, who was at the camp from 1950 through 1962, when the camp closed.  Author Bill Horne attended Camp Woodland from ages 7 to 17, 1950 to 1960, and gave an informative talk about its history.  Ira McIntosh sang several of Grant Rogers' favorite songs, including "Cannonsville Dam", "Slide Mountain," and at audience request, "Bessie the Heifer."  An enthusiastic audience of 15 attended the event.

A followup discussion about the book and Camp Woodland took place at the William B. Ogden Library on October 4, 2018.  



Ukulele Workshop with Ukulele Catskills


Workshop @ William G. Ogden Library, 42 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY at 6:30 p.m.

Ukulele player/singer Carmen Borgia conducted an interactive workshop on playing the ukulele.  Audience members learned some chords on the instrument or improved their playing and enthusiastically jammed and sang with Carmen Borgia and the group.  

The library has some ukuleles available to check out for practice at home.

Film "Indian Summer"


Vintage Movie @ William B. Ogden Library, 42 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY, at 6:00 p.m.

The film tells the story of the flooding of the valley and the removal of residents of the West Branch of the Delaware River in order to create the Cannonsville Reservoir (completed in 1965).  Storyteller Robert Gregory and musician Grant Rogers are among local folks seen in the film.  The movie, produced in the early 1960s, was followed by audience discussion.


"Indian Summer" Film Showing


Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY at 7:00 p.m.

About 200 people attended a showing of the film "Indian Summer: The Cannonsville Reservoir."  The film tells the story of the flooding of the valley of the West Branch of the Delaware River in order to create the Cannonsville (completed in 1965).  Storyteller Robert Gregory and musician Grant Rogers are among local folks seen in the film.  The movie was followed by remarks and questions from the audience, especially questions for Helan Zandt, who was a teenager at the time the reservoir was built and whose family had to move from the area.  Helen is the author of two  books of people's memories of those years.  (See bibliography).



Iron Moutain Variety: Steve Eisenberg


Coffeehouse at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

Rogue Irish musician, bluesman, raconteur/storyteller Steve Eisenberg entertained the audience with personal stories, the history, and a wide variety of songs and tunes. A number of local guest musicians joined Steve in performing Irish traditional music, folk songs, blues, and pop tunes.  In addition, three singer/songwriters sang a few of their original numbers.  It was a delightful evening.  The event ended with everyone in the audience singing an Irish traditional parting song, "The Parting Glass."



De Temps Antan


Concert at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

With guitar, fiddle, harmonica, accordion, bouzouki, voice and foot percussion, these three virtuosos blended boundless energy with unmistakable joie de vivre found only in the traditional music of Quebec. The music brought many in the audience to their dancing feet.  It was a grand way to conclude Music on the Delaware's 2017-2018 concert season.

In addition to the concert, the pre-concert jam session attracted a good number of musicians, including three singer/songwriters.  Both audience and musicians thoroughly enjoyed the event.



The Kennedys


Concert at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

An American folk-rock band lauded for their harmonies and instrumental skills, Pete and Maura Kennedy performed songs that blended elements of folk, country music, bluegrass, Western swing and janglepop.  Most of the duo's numbers were originals.  (




Coffeehouse at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

Bernd Neumann on fiddle, Liz Myers-Brown on flute and Carol Mandigo on guitar performed beautiful Irish songs and traditional Irish and French Canadian dance music with a spirit born of love.  (


Charm City Junction


Concert at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

From dance-inducing Old Time rhythms to hard-driving Bluegrass to traditional Irish tunes, this Baltimore band of four created a fresh soundscape that kept listeners wondering where they would go next. 


Tremelo & Company


Coffeehouse at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

Elaine Sherman, joined by friends Kevin LaDue and Chris and Carla Bubny, delighted the audience with a mix of traditional, folk, and contemporary music on hammered dulcimer, guitar, and dobro.  Several of the tunes played were standard dance tunes that Grant Rogers and his contemporaries most probably played, for example, "Golden Slippers," "Arkansas Traveler," and "Over the Waterfall."

Laurie McIntosh


Coffeehouse at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

Storyteller and musician Laurie McIntosh ("Story Laurie") delighted listeners with a variety of stories and songs - tales both true and tall - and original tunes.  


Canal Street String Band


Concert at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY,

The three Canal Street String Band musicians presented a lively performance of traditional tunes and songs plus a few of their own originals.  Joining the band for three songs was the Townsend School Select Chorus (under the direction of Theresa Bolton).  The three songs, "Cannonsville Dam," "Ground Hog" and "Bessie the Heifer," were closely associated with local songster Grant Rogers.  It turned out to be a rollicking, joyful evening of great musicianship, a sense of adventure, and a totally good time.



Workshop at William B. Ogden Library, 42 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

Building on the Pat Kane and West O'Clare dance at the Walton Theatre the previous night, musician and folklorist Kathy Shimberg conducted a workshop exploring traditional dance music in the Western Catskills.  Members of the audience who knew Grant Rogers and/or square dance traditions of the area contributed to the discussion.  Several samples of typical dance tunes were played, either from recordings by Grant Rogers (available on the website or live, by Kathy and audience members Bob Moss and Dane Scudder.  

Pat Kane and West O'Clare


Dance at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

In the dance tradition of Grant Rogers' era, this four person dance band performed traditional music and led audience members in traditional square and round dances.  Both listeners and dancers enjoyed the free event.   (




Concert at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

Rooted in the land of their hometown, Binghamton, these four musicians used bluegrass instruments and their voices to present a blend of folk, old-time, punk, country, and rock music.  


Wes St. Onge and Larry Jamieson


Coffeehouse at Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

Singer/guitarist Wes St. Onge accompanied by Walton's own Larry Jamieson on pedal steel guitar entertained with all-time favorite classic country-western tunes.  


Grant Rogers Project Booth


"An Evening in Grant Rogers' Parlor:"  Booth in Cornell Cooperative Extension Building, Human Ecology Booths, Delaware County Fair, Walton, NY, August 14-19, 2017

The booth presented information about Grant Rogers and the Grant Rogers Project.  It won two blue ribbons.




Concert/Workshop at William B. Ogden Library, 42 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

Local area singer/guitarist Ira McIntosh performed traditional songs and discussed Grant Rogers' influence on Ira’s music life.  The workshop ended with a jam session involving several area musicians.  


Linda Hickman


Coffee House @ Walton Theater, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY
Using the wooden flute and whistle, Linda explored the connection between music and nature and healing sound.  Through her performance, she also illustrated how two musical traditions, Irish and Latin, can be combined.  


Bill Seneschal and Don Gilkinson


Coffee House @ Walton Theater, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY
Bill and Don presented “Sentimental Journey Redux,” a blend of Swing, Old Time, Pop, Country-Western, Blues, Folk and Rock ‘n Roll with a special tribute to Cowboy heroes.


Grant Rogers Website Launch


Workshop at William B. Ogden Library, 42 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

The Grant Rogers Website was introduced to the public in a three-hour celebration at the William B. Ogden Library.  Musicians performing Grant Rogers' music and music of Rogers' era alternated with demonstrations of aspects of the new website.  Over 150 people visited the library that day, enjoying the on-going program as well as photos and memorabilia of Grant Rogers.  


Eileen McIntyre and Friends


Coffee House @ Walton Theater, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY
Eileen McIntyre on harp, with Tom Hourican on flute, Deb Putman on fiddle, and Pat Reynolds on fiddle, provided an evening of traditional Irish airs, jigs, reels, hornpipes, and polkas.



Concert @ Walton Theater, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

GIRSA (Gaelic for “young girls”) is a traditional Irish music band made up of between five to eight women. What is clearly evident is that they have a passion for their music and use their instruments and talent to share this time-honored Irish musical heritage.They share enthusiastic performances of traditional Irish song and dance with a creative and powerful mix of fiddle, accordion, banjo, tin whistle, bodhran, guitar and keyboard. Here are two Irish jigs that Grant Rogers would surely have been delighted to hear - and perhaps even play: "Man in the Bog" and "The Compromise."

 Here is Girsa in concert at the Walton Theatre.


Bowin’ the Strings


Coffee House @ Walton Theater, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

Pennsylvania fiddlers Laura Kortright and Steve Jacobi with guitarist Craig Gehrig delighted the coffeehouse audience with old-time, boot-stomping dance tunes.  Their lively traditional jigs, reels, waltzes and polkas even prompted a few dancers to take to the floor.

John Potocnik and Dave Raphaelson


Coffee House @ Walton Theater, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY
The duo, Barn Cats, played and sang music that spanned folk, jazz, and world music as well as original numbers.  John’s fiddle and voice and Dave’s guitar entertained the coffeehouse crowd superbly.  Among the treats was a presentation of a song often sung by Grant Rogers, “Mother, The Queen of My Heart.”

Pat Kane


Coffee House @ Walton Theater, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

Pat Kane, “Balladeer of the Southern Tier” and entertainer extraordinaire, presented popular Irish and American ballads and stories. Pat’s fiddling also created an immediate square dance opportunity; at several points, the audience pushed back the tables and executed some sets.


Mile Twelve Bluegrass


Concert @ Walton Theater, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

A fresh, hard-driving young band of four skilled singers and instrumentalists from the Boston area entertained with original and traditional bluegrass.  

Jay Ungar and Molly Mason


Concert @ Walton Theater, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

Returned to our stage! One of America’s most celebrated duos on the American acoustic music scene performed terrific hard-driving Appalachian, Cajun and Celtic fiddle tunes, songs of swing and country, sweet waltzes, and moving originals.

A highlight was Jay and Molly playing on stage a waltz he wrote in honor of Walton and Grant Rogers, “Amid the Rivers and the Streams.” A backdrop of local nature photos taken by Robbie-Jean Rice accompanied Jay and Molly’s music. 


Black Sage Project


Coffee House @ Walton Theater, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

Singer/guitarist Dave Ingerson, with backup from his northern Pennsylvania-based band, performed a lively mix of folk, bluegrass, traditional, original, and historical ballads.  Ingerson’s originals included songs honoring the history of mining in north central Pennsylvania.

Canal Street String Band


Concert @ Walton Theatre, 31 Gardiner Place, Walton, NY

With three voices and a multitude of instruments, the Western New York trio performed some seriously fun Old American music.  Fiddle tunes, sea chanteys, cowboy songs, mountain music, swing and lots of three-part harmony was the order of the evening.   Singer, instrumentalist and band leader Dave Ruch, knowing that Walton was the home town of Grant Rogers, included several of Grant’s songs during the concert, including “Bessie the Heifer.”  Children from Townsend Elementary School had learned the song from their music teacher, Theresa Bolton, and were invited to join the Band the night of the concert.  

It was Dave Ruch's recognition of Rogers that planted the seed for the Grant Rogers Project.

Here is a recording of Grant Rogers singing “Bessie the Heifer.”