Grant Rogers - Songs

Most of the music of Grant Rogers recorded below comes from these sources: "Grant Rogers, Catskills Mountain Songmaker," Folk-Legacy CD (reissue 2002).  Purchase here. "The Cannonsville Story From the Film Kinfolks," Smithsonian/Folkways CD (reissue 2004).  Purchase here"Ballads and Fiddle Tunes by Grant Rogers," Kanawha 313, Kanawha Records, P.O. Box 7791, Jacksonville, FL, 32210.  “Grant Rogers (Songmaker of the Catskills),” RLP 475 B (Rimrock) LP, Oleta BMI; [LP donated to project by Wayne Cobane, Walton].


At the End of Jimmy's Bar

The Bachelor’s Reply

The Barber's Lament

Bessie the Heifer

The Bold Soldier

Bullseye Bill

The Butchers Boy

Cannonsville Dam

Charley Brooks

Don’t Marry One Like Me

Down by the Railroad Track

The First Whipperwill Song

Freight #1262

From Texas to Alaska

Gravy and Bread

Good Old Limburger Cheese 

Ground Hog

Have I Lost the Sweetest Love I Ever Knew

The Husband's Lament

I am a Folk Singer

I’ll Hit the Road Again

I Long to Live Single Again

In the Last Chance Saloon

It's a Wonder

It's Been Nice to See You

I Was Only Passing Through

Jennette the Mountain Girl

The Legend of Slide Mountain

The Life of Herb Gillen

Little Box of Pine

May I Sleep in your Barn

Mother Queen of My Heart

My Bearded Lover

My Little Home in Tennessee

The Old Arm Chair

Pat MacBraid

Pat Malone

Paving the Highway with Tears 

A Place Called Hell   

 A Place for all Good People

Puttin on a Style

Take Your Time and Think It Over

Tales of My Grandad

Three Night Drunk

Too Young to Understand the Sorrow

Twenty Years Behind Time 

Two Drummers


Wars by the Numbers

When Snowflakes Fall

 When a Fellow is Out of a Job

 When I Saw You in My Camera

Where the Catskills Reach Their Summits

Willie Down by the Pond

Willie the Weaver

Grant Rogers singing at Newport Folk Festival 1966

Down By the Glenside

Grant Rogers - Instrumentals


Aunt Emmy's Tea Party

Black Market Reel

The Canadian Rose

The Conservation Hornpipe

Kitty Sharp

Larry O'Gaff

The Little Red Barn  

Money Musk

The Old Hen She Cackled

The Opera Reel

Paddy on the Turnpike

Rogers' Hornpipe

Train No. 9

The Weeping Lady


Grant Rogers playing at the Newport Folk Festival 1966

 Red River Valley



Robert Gregory, born in 1882 in Granton, NY, tells tales steeped in the traditions and history of the Delaware River.   His stories were recorded by Norman Studer in 1957 as part of “The Cannonsville Story: From the Film ‘Kinfolks’” and alternate with music performed by Grant Rogers.  The CD #FW03852, Copyright Smithsonian/Folkways, 2004, can be purchased by clicking here.

The First Kiss

George’s Story

The Gregory Family

The Hay Harvest

My Suit of Clothes

A Political Meeting

A Sandwich for Sentiment

The Skunk Story

Frank Fisher Tunes

A Frank Fisher, Sr. a contemporary of Grant Rogers. These recordings were owned by Francis "Loppy" Fisher. Permission granted by Marty Fisher.

Fiddle: reel

Song: “It’s the Loveliest Night of the Year”

Fiddle: "Money Musk"

Fiddle: “Redwing”

Fiddle: "Liberty," two step

Song:  “Fraulein”

Band: song “There Goes My Everything”

Fiddle: "Silver Bells"

Fiddle:  waltz

Fiddle: jig

Fiddle: reel


A major part of this Grant Rogers project is to interview folks who either knew Grant Rogers or who have some connection with the kind of music he played and sang.  Below are excerpts from audio versions of the interviews.  See Archives on this website for the complete written transcriptions of the recorded interviews.

Fran and Leona

Francis Fisher

Larry Jamieson

Wes St. Onge

Bruce Hoyt

Bob Moss

Kathy Shimberg

Jay Ungar

George Ward

Indian Summer Film Discussion

Bill Horne - Workshop on Improbable Community

Howard Neal Northrup

Edwin St. Onge

There are recordings of Edwin St. Onge playing the fiddle, the first 8 tracks recorded at a 1979 square dance, and tracks 9 - 14 at a 1986 family party. In track 1, Edwin's son Wes describes the two events. Permission granted by Wes St. Onge.

Wes' Description of His Father's Recordings

Dick Thompson calling "Devil's Dream"

Square Dance:  "Down Yonder"

Dick Thompson calling "Flop Eared Mule"

Wes St. Onge calling "Jenny Lind Polka"

Dick Thompson calling "Ragtime Annie"

Wes St. Onge calling "Rose of San Antone"

"Red River Valley"

"Listen to the Mocking Bird"

"Chicken Reel"

"She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain"

"Irish Washer Woman"

"Smash the Windows" 

"Buffalo Gals"